Evaluasi Penggunaan E-Module di Kalangan Mahasiswa: Studi Pengembangan di UIN Suska Riau

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Bunga Adibah
Yovita Yovita
Mas'ud Zein


E-Modules are modifications of conventional modules by combining the use of information technology, so that existing modules can be more interesting and interactive. Because with e-Modules we can add multimedia facilities (images, animations, audio and video) in it. This study aims to evaluate the use of E-Modules based on a Contextual Approach among students as an educational arena. The type of research used in this research is R&D (Research and Development) with the Dick & Carey development model put forward by Walter Dick, Lou Carey, and James O. The research was conducted involving 58 respondents, including 3 lecturers, 20 teachers and 35 students. The data collection tool used was an online questionnaire consisting of 5 constructs with 27 questions with a cronbach alpha of 0.966. The data that has been collected is then analyzed using the SPSS version 23.00 for Windows. The results of the study show that students' assessment of the use of the E-Module in the five constructs includes: 1). E-Module suitability with the learning model used (4.07) in the "good" category 2). The use of E-Module and learning methods according to (4.09) in the "good" category 3). Completeness and arrangement of E-Module descriptions (4.11) in the "good" category 4). Use of language, spelling of words and sentences (4.17) in the "good" category 5). The graphic component (4.10) is in the "good" category and has an overall average of 4.10 in the "good" category. Thus, educators and prospective educators are expected to be able to produce interesting and effective learning media.

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