Peran Kepolisian dalam Menangai Kasus Kekerasan dalam Rumah Tangga (KDRT) Studi Kasus di Polsek Kuantan Mudik

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Endang Conik Februani


Domestic Violence (DV) is a critical issue that affects the safety and well-being of individuals within households. The police play a crucial role in addressing cases of Domestic Violence (DV) and providing protection to victims. This study aims to examine the role of the police in handling DV cases, using a case study approach at Polsek Kuantan Mudik. The research utilizes qualitative methods, including interviews with police officers, victims, and relevant stakeholders, to gain insights into the challenges faced by the police in addressing DV and the strategies they employ to handle such cases. The findings shed light on the importance of effective coordination between police and support services, community engagement, and capacity-building measures to enhance the police response to DV incidents. Understanding the police's role in addressing DV can contribute to improved policies and practices to protect victims and promote a safer domestic environment.

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