Journal of Hupo_Linea <p><strong>Journal of Hupo_Linea (E-ISSN: 2745-5416, P-ISSN: 2745-5408)</strong> adalah jurnal akademik untuk studi hukum dan politik yang diterbitkan oleh Lembaga Anotero Scientific Pekanbaru, Indonesia. Journal of Hupo_Linea diterbitkan dua kali setahun, yaitu bulan Agustus dan Februari. Jurnal ini menyediakan akses terbuka langsung ke kontennya dengan prinsip bahwa membuat penelitian tersedia secara bebas untuk publik mendukung pertukaran pengetahuan global yang lebih besar dan massif. Tujuan jurnal ini adalah untuk menyediakan ruang bagi akademisi, peneliti, dan praktisi untuk menerbitkan artikel penelitian asli atau artikel literatur. Ruang lingkup artikel yang diterbitkan dalam jurnal ini berkaitan dengan berbagai topik di bidang politik dan hukum dan agama.</p> Anotero Lembaga Scientific Pekanbaru en-US Journal of Hupo_Linea 2745-5408 Pengaruh Karakteristik Komite Audit dan Intellectual Capital terhadap Kinerja Keuangan Perusahaan Transportasi dan Real Estate di Indonesia <p><em>The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of the characteristics of the audit committee and intellectual capital on the financial performance of transportation and real estate companies in Indonesia. This study analyzes the effect of financial audit committee expertise, audit committee size, audit committee meetings and intellectual capital on the financial performance of transportation and real estate companies. The population in this study are all transportation and real estate companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange. The sampling method used is purposive sampling. The selected sample is Transportation and Real estate companies listed on the Indonesian stock exchange consecutively from 2019-2020, which issued and published annual reports for the 2019-2020 period and presented complete information in their financial reports, as well as companies who publish their reports in foreign currency. So that there are 80 companies that meet the criteria and become research samples. The data analysis technique uses multiple linear regression. The results of the investigation show that the audit finance committee expertise have no positive effect on the financial performance of Transportation and Real Estate companies in Indonesia, while audit committee size, audit committee meetings and Intellectual capital have a positive effect on the financial performance of Transportation and Real Estate companies in Indonesia. The results of this study are expected to provide an overview of the importance of the role of the audit committee and the importance of managing Intellectual Capital in companies.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Putri Diyah Makarti Desi Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Hupo_Linea 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 4 2 38 47 Inovasi Mobile Jkn Memberikan Kemudahan Pelayanan Kesehatan (Konstruksi Makna Aplikasi Mobile JKN dalam Memberikan Kemudahan Pelayanan Kesehatan bagi pengguna BPJS) <p><em>The development of information and telecommunications technology is increasingly rapid, including the use of smartphone devices and mobile communications technology which some people now have. Seeing that more and more people are using these devices, BPJS Health is not left behind. In order to improve services for National Health Insurance-Healthy Indonesia Card (JKN-KIS) participants, BPJS launched the Mobile JKN application. The JKN Mobile Application is a form of digital transformation of the BPJS Health business model, which was originally in the form of administrative activities carried out at Branch Offices or Health Facilities, transformed into an Application that can be used by participants anywhere at any time without time limits. The method used is the construction of meaning from phenomenological studies. The aim is to find out the meaning of people using the JKN application in providing easy health services. According to him, the application that was launched very helpful and speeds up the JKN-KIS service process for the community. The JKN-KIS Mobile Application is practical and easy to use, with information and service features that can be utilized by participants. Like KIS Digital, it is very helpful if participants need services at health facilities, the Mobile JKN features are very interesting, such as changing data, paying bills, knowing the location of the nearest BPJS office, submitting complaints, information about JKN and most importantly, disease screening. This screening can see the disease we are experiencing. The public feels very helped by the presence of the JKN mobile application even though there are still many notes that need to be improved.</em></p> Ujang Asmara Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Hupo_Linea 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 4 2 63 69 Pengaruh Kepemimpinan, Motivasi Kerja dan Budaya Organisasi terhadap Kinerja Pegawai Supply Chain Management (SCM) di PT.Chevron Pacific Indonesia Rumbai <p><em>Influence of Leadership, Work Motivation and Organization Culture On Performance the Employee of Supply Chain Management (SCM) PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia Rumbai. This study aims to determine the effect of leadership, work motivation and organization culture on performance the employe of Supply Chain Management (SCM) PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia Rumbai. As the independent variable is a&nbsp; leadership, work motivation and organization culture, while the dependen variable is performance. The method of analysis used in this study is descriptive statistical analysis method and inferential statistics through Multiple Regression. Methods Research using census method, in which the entire population of as many as 45 employees of Supply Chain Management (SCM) PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia Rumbai, used as sample as well as research respondets. Before testing the hypothesis, test the validity and reliability of the primary data questionnaire using SPSS version 21.0. Regression equations were then tested with analysis of classical assumption of Normality Test, Multicollinearity Test, Tes Heteroskidastity and Test Autocorrelation. Analysis of the influence of the independent variables with the dependet variable analysis performed with the&nbsp; partial test, simultaneous test and the coefficient determinant (R2). Partial and simultantly results showed factors of leadership, work motivation and organization culture has positive and significant influence on performance the employee of Supply Chain Management (SCM) PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia Rumbai</em></p> Tambar Malum Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Hupo_Linea 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 4 2 48 53 Pengaruh Konten Media Sosial, Iklan Berbayar terhadap Preferensi Konsumen dan Keputusan Pembelian Konsumen Generasi Z di Kota Pekanbaru <p><em>This research investigates the influence of digital marketing strategies on purchasing decisions for Generation Z consumers in Pekanbaru City. Using a descriptive quantitative approach, data was collected through questionnaires from 162 Generation Z respondents and analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The research results show that Social Media Content has a significant positive influence on consumer preferences, while Paid Advertising has a significant negative influence. Consumer preferences have also proven to be very significant in influencing purchasing decisions. These findings indicate that companies need to pay attention to the content presented via social media and be careful in using paid advertising to increase the preferences and purchasing decisions of Generation Z consumers. The practical implications of this research are also presented along with suggestions for companies in designing appropriate marketing strategies. more effective.</em></p> Desi Wardiati Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Hupo_Linea 2022-08-31 2022-08-31 4 2 70 76 Konflik berbasis Agama di Indonesia (Analisa Isi pada Media Online Tahun 2021) <p><em>Religious-based conflicts are generally triggered by ideological sources, and even originate from religion itself. Apart from the conflicts between religious sects that occur, up to now a number of conflicts and violence with religious nuances have become increasingly widespread in Indonesia, both occurring directly and through social media. This research uses a mix method, namely a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. Apart from that, this research seeks to understand and collect various conflicts that exist on social media, as well as ideas about initiatives to manage conflicts in order to create peace using Big Data. The results of this research show that there are several media that often present news related to conflicts between religious communities. The reality is that some conflict news tends to be framed in war journalism. The news covered is more oriented to the location or place where the incident occurred and the number of victims who died, destroyed property or home. The dominant media coverage of conflict only revolves around behavioral aspects and aspects of conflict that are visible to the naked eye. Aspects of this behavior include killing, massacring certain groups, shooting, and even bombing.</em></p> Siti Mupida Bono Setyo Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Hupo_Linea 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 4 2 54 62