Takhrij Hadits Rada’ah dan Bank ASI dan Implikasinya dalam Ilmu Multidisipliner

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The potential of mothers is still relatively low in providing ASI to their children, especially in Indonesia. Of course this becomes a problem, where a newborn baby will get food intake from the mother through the breast milk that he has, however, as an example it happened to Rasulullah SAW that he was breastfed by his nursing mother, and also with the current developments This can be done with Bank Asi. This study aims to examine Thirj Hadith's analysis of Rada'ah and ASI Bank and its relation to Multidiscipline Science. The conclusion of this study is that Rada'ah breastfeeds or breastfeeds until the age of 2 years. Done up to three to five times and will cause blood relations. In a multidisciplinary approach to nursing science what is done will be a similar DNA relationship.

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