Lafaz Li’an (Ghadlab dan La’nah) Persfektif Ibn Daqiq Al-‘Id (625-702 H)

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Firman Surya Putra


This paper discusses the Lafaz Li'an (Ghadlab and La'nah) which may be considered normal to be spoken or even do not consider the determination of the lafaz that there is no Maqashid Syari'ah element in the pronunciation. Although there are some scholars' opinions, the application of the lafaz can be replaced with the meaning of lafaz la'nah spoken by a husband, it can be replaced with ghadlab lafaz which should be said by the wife. But in essence, everything that has been determined by Allah SWT has a direct or indirect mashlahah review in Islamic law. And if you pay close attention, then from every Shari'ah of Allah SWT there is mashlahah for humans in it. Among the many scholars who explored this matter was Imam Ibn Daqiq al-'Id al-Qusyairi al-Manfaluthi (625-702 H). He is recognized as a mustaqil (independent) mujtahid, known as a mujtahid who controls two schools of thought, Maliki and Shafi'i. However, in ijtihad, he always has his own opinion and point of view and is not muqallid towards the two schools that he controls, always paying attention to the maslahah side which is adapted to Qasd al-Shari'a. , and experienced by society at that time, starting from the social, economic, political and others. without prioritizing passion.

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